Heatmap Animator

This is a demo application for testing the new heatmap animation package of heatmap.js.
The Heatmap Animator project makes it possible to record a heatmap session (time you spend hovering the mouse over the framed webpage) and afterwards show them. Demo by @patrickwied.
I also released an article about the concepts behind the new animation package.
If you built some cool stuff with heatmap.js or have questions pls let me know! (contact form @patrick-wied.at)
Scroll down or click if you want to know how to use it.


Framerate (FPS)




How to use

Click the play button (triangle) to start with a preset session. If you haven't recorded anything there are three preset sessions for you to test it! By clicking on a specific session, the session gets loaded. A session contains several frames. If you click on a single frame in the frame section it will show the specific frame. Record a new session by clicking on the circle. Stop recording by clicking on it again.

Copyright by Patrick Wied 2012