Expanding my Passive Income Experiment

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I’ve been reading some books about behavioral economics lately. I’m pretty sure you heared about one of them: “Predictably Irrational” from Dan Ariely. Ariely writes about some very interesting experiments with product pricing and what shapes customer decisions. I haven’t finished the book yet but I really enjoyed it so far and with the newly learned information I’m looking forward to try some selling experiments too. :)

Another Income Channel

After more than 12 hours of hard work I hereby proudly announce the addition of a new project to my passive income channels:

mobile-themes.at offers HTML5 Mobile themes for Sencha Touch (and soon jQuery Mobile themes too) to make it easy to create beautiful hybrid mobile applications and minimize the effort you have to spend on theming. mobile-themes.at also takes custom design requests, so if you need a highly customized theme for one of those frameworks and you already have an idea don’t hesitate to use the contact form ( that’s not passive? you’re right! but I’m checking whether there’s 1.) enough demand and 2.) it makes sense to add more themes )

Want to get one or two Sencha Touch Themes for free!? This is my giveaway for you ;)

Remember the list of criteria for a good passive income project I wrote about in my last article?
Let’s step through it quickly:

As simple and controllable as possible:
As soon as a theme is finished and launched, there is no additional effort for maintainance. A theme has specific requirements (e.g. supported framework version)
Generate value for the user:
A potential customer can save time and money with a mobile theme.
Create reusable components if possible:
Themes are build with SCSS, code can be partly reused e.g. with different color combinations.

Although some initial themes already exist and they are ready for sale this project will involve a lot more effort to get it running, the first and hardest step for me right now is getting my first customer (or getting valuable feedback from website users), so if you had a look at the website I would really appreciate your feedback to improve it. I already have a plan for a market entrance strategy for mobile-themes.at and will write about it in detail in my next article summarizing further thoughts, feedback and the resonance of the market. Let me know what you think about it!