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About me

Hi, my name is Patrick Wied.
I'm an Austrian Software Developer passionate about creating cool and beautiful web stuff.
If you're interested in a cooperation, hiring me for a project or just want to talk, don't hesitate to contact me.

Recent projects

heatmap keyboard

Heatmap Keyboard

The Heatmap Keyboard is a web app showing the key distribution of a text mapped on a keyboard just while you're typing. I built it with heatmap.js, my self written javascript heatmap library.


Heatmap.js is a JavaScript library for generating realtime heatmaps with HTML5 Canvas. The library is released under MIT license, there are lots of projects using it and is part of Sencha Labs.


A JavaScript library for detecting nudity in images. Based on a research paper this project started as a funny idea and got interestingly good. Unfortunately I didn't finish the implementation of the algorithm so there's still some room for improvement!


embide is an embeddable online IDE with realtime code collaboration functionality. It was my diploma project with my team of four other people.


Watermark.js is a JS library for putting watermarks on images when a page loads. Use it with or without jQuery (there's a jQuery plugin for it too).
qr designer

QR Designer

Design your very own QR codes with QR Designer. This is a web application for creating customized QR codes, there is no dependency of an external service, all the customizations and generations are done on the client thus it even works when you're offline.
qrgen decode qr


This is one of my earliest projects. It's a QR encoder/decoder web application using ZXING library on the backend.
qr info

QR Infopage

A interactive infopage about QR codes showing off a code and it's special patterns with HTML and CSS.
what is hot on hackernews?

What's hot on HackerNews?

A bookmarklet that generates a heatmap on the HackerNews frontpage so users can see what are the hot topics. Heatmap calculations are based on points or comments count. I created it in order to inspire users to make cool stuff with heatmap.js and they did :)


Open Source project containing several implementations of image binarization algorithms (e.g. Otsu, Sauvola, Custom Threshholds) done in JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas. Project URL not yet available.

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