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Hi! My name is Patrick Wied, I'm the author of heatmap.js.
Over the last 2 years, I devoted more than 500 hours of work to improving heatmap.js to make it a truly great library.

While I really enjoy improving heatmap.js and its ecosystem, it consumes a lot of my time and unfortunately free support does not pay my bills or food.

Why should I buy the support license?

A support license will get you the security, stability, and support you deserve.

Use heatmap.js v2.0 to enrich your product with new valuable features, build a business based on it, or study user behaviour in your product to make it even more awesome - all that without having to worry about unpredictably bad open source project support

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  • Support Package
  • 299$
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    Commercial Products
  • Source Code Access
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  • Premium SupportDirect support within 24 hours from contact
  • Upstream NotificationsBe the first to know about critical fixes and features.
Not sure whether heatmap.js suits your needs? There's a 100% money-back guarantee
Need a customized implementation or don't have the budget for a support license? No problem!
Message me, we'll figure something out!

Don't want to get your hands dirty?

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