Frequently Asked Questions

I just downloaded heatmap.js but it doesn't work on my computer

Are you running it on a local webserver? This is required so canvas manipulation can be done. Read more about how to setup heatmap.js here

What browsers support heatmap.js?

IE9+, Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 11+, Opera, Safari.

How many datapoints can heatmap.js handle?

It can handle 40k+ datapoints, I tested it with 60k and it still worked BUT: keep in mind this is JavaScript, you should aggregate your data before loading it with heatmap.js for the best possible experience!

What happened to heatmap.js v1?

heatmap.js v1 support has been discontinued. Please update your version to heatmap.js v2, it's way better/faster. Here is a document about the major changes you'd have to do to migrate to v2. If you need v1 nevertheless you can get it from here

I want to contribute. How?

That's awesome, thank you! You can find the repository on github. Please read the contribution guidelines first before you create a pull request.