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About QR Designer

Qr Designer is a QR Encoder using only HTML5 and it's features such as Canvas, File Access and Appcache. (You'll need a modern browser)
It's a sparetime project by Patrick Wied.
If you have a question don't hesitate to ask.

What makes QR-Designer so special?

The QR editing and encoding functionality is 100% done on the client. You are not dependent on internet access or any server side libraries to create and customize your very own QR code!

By the way

The name QR is trademark of denso wave. The QR-Encoding JavaScript implementation is licensed under the GPLv3 license. You can download the Sourcecode here All code is licensed under GPLv3.
Love QR Designer and want to see more features such as Drag and Drop and Scaling of logos including checks for decodability? Let me know!