Know Your Pixels?

*inspect the "img"
4 se fun!

Game Level


Hi there!

My name is Patrick Wied, and this is my little browser game using CSS3 mediaqueries. If you like it let me know! @patrickwied
Also: this game is participating in Mozilla DevDerby Oktober. Vote if you like it :)

How to play?
After starting the game it will show you 2 pixel values, the first represents the width, the second one the height.
Your task, if you choose to accept, is to resize your browser window as fast as possible to the presented width and height.
The background color of the webpage indicates whether you're far off the pixel values or not. Blue means "far off", red means "almost there" and green "you've done it."
The countdown in the middle shows how much time is left to resize your window. Depending on what game level you choose you have to be more or less precise and faster with the resizing.


You scored points!

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