German magazine published heatmap.js article

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Good news! A German web development magazine called “Webstandards Magazin” just published an article I wrote about heatmap.js. The article is about two to three pages long and contains detailed information abou heatmap.js’ architecture, the key concepts, how to store/save heatmaps and many more. If you speak German you should consider buying one – check out the website of this months issue:
Webstandards Magazin Ausgabe 11: Content is King.
It will be available in German railway station & airport corner shops by September 16. It was my first article for a printed magazine and it felt a little weird to write a tech article in German since I usually write all my articles in English but I hope you still enjoy it and big thanks to Webstandards Magazin for this great opportunity :)
(By the way Webstandards Magazin owns the rights of the image on the left side)