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Oh hello there!

My name is Patrick Wied.
I'm a software developer based in Vienna/Austria with a strong interest in Web Technologies, Data Visualization, Mathematics, and Product Development.

I'm passionate about creating things that make lives easier.

I try to write regularily about my ideas and some technologies I come across.
Most of the content is published on my weblog.

Find me on social plattforms where I share content and knowledge:

My recent projects

The fruits of hard labour

fruits of labor tree
QR Code Designer
Mobile Image Editor
Price History Visualization
Heatmap Keyboard
PDF.js Annotation Editor

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I'm a products guy with all the skills you need to build great web applications and an eagerness to constantly learn and improve.

Can you afford to build a product no one likes to use?

I'm always looking for new challenges in business as well as web technology so if you have a nice idea and need someone who knows how to execute it well, then I am the right guy!
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JavaScript library to generate dynamic web heatmaps

heatmap.js web heatmaps
Initially created for a JS1K competition and decided to open source it.

Since then thousands of happy users.

Awesome companies like Uber, Google, Rockstar Games, Shutterstock,... use it internally

create some heatmaps

QR Code Designer

Customize your QR Code easily

qr encoder qrcode
Bootstrapped Mini Product.

Clientside QR Code customization tool built with JavaScript.

No external services needed (!).

100% brandable.
look at the project


JavaScript library for nudity detection in images

nude.js nudity detection with JavaScript
"Let's get out of JavaScript's comfort zone".

That's what I thought when I started implementing a nudity detection algorithm I found in a research paper.

Open Source, of course ;-)
look at nude.js (SFW)

Mobile Image Editor

Graph based image editor for mobile devices

graph based mobile image editor
This project was a proof of concept of a graph-based image editing technique for mobile devices.

It was developed during a Yahoo! hackathon and won a prize.

Partner: Andreas O.
watch the demo


Encrypt your images so visitors can't copy them

imagesafe save your images
Bootstrapped Mini Product.

ImageSafe is a set of scripts that help you protect images on your website by making it extra hard to save them.

Serverside encryption, clientside decryption.
look at the project

Price History Visualization

Market Change Viz with AngularJS and HighCharts

price history data visualization
Interactive data visualization to support trading decisions. (unfinished prototype)

Data provided by a hedgefund company.
look at the project

Heatmap Keyboard

Visualizing letter distribution of text in realtime

heatmap keyboard
This project is using my heatmap framework to visualize letter distributions of texts on a keyboard.

It helps people to analyse their typing patterns and motivates to try out new keyboard layouts!
look at the project

PDF.js Annotation Editor

Clientside annotations in PDF documents with PDF.js

pdf.js annotation editor
JavaScript consulting project where I extended Mozilla's PDF.js with functionality to interact and dynamically create annotations in PDF documents.

Unfortunately not public.


Generate watermarks to protect your images with JS

watermark.js image watermarks
Open Source Project.

JavaScript framework to generate watermarked images.

This makes sense when you want to encode information into watermarks
look at the project
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